Join me for a learning experience that you will never forget.  Your completion of this training will qualify you for one (1) free week of Business Coaching from me.  I'll hold your hands, guide your feet and empower you to take charge and move forward!


   Learn How To:

  • Open A New Center

  • Operate a Successful Center

  • Expand Into a New Center

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Intermediate Level

18 Hours

Budgeting for Success

6 Hours 

The goal of this training is to help administrators formulate an accurate picture of the financial side of their childcare business.  It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial assistance.  Instead, it is designed to help childcare business owners become more comfortable discussing the financial side of their childcare services.


This training outlines the basic financial tools:  budgeting and accounting systems.  "Budgeting for Success"  is written for childcare directors and requires no prior background in accounting.



6 Hours

You can think of an organization as an entity consisting of members and resources that are directed towards the achievement of a goal. Organizational management is the process of structuring, planning and directing the resources and members of the organization to achieve its goal. In the world of business, the end goal is pretty much the same - to make a profit for the organization's owners.   The Organizational Management Training give you a look at some important principles of organizational management.

At the Completion of this Lesson Participants will Be Able to:



1.  Understand the definition of a          budget.

2.  Understand and discuss the

     3 basic types of accounting   

    systems that are relevant to the 

    child care operations.

3.  Discuss and utilize the key 

     activities involved in developing       a  budget.

4.  Understand the connection of a

     budget’s integral parts and how

     each part supports the

     administrator’s goal for     

     financial  stability.  


5.  Learn what to look for when 

     reviewing a budget.


6.   Develop a Functioning 

      Operating Budget

At the Completion of this Lesson Participants will Be Able to:



1.   Develop appropriate Job

      Descriptions for all staff

2.  Understand, discuss and     

     develop the substance of an             Employee  Handbook.


3.  Identify appropriate and           

     inappropriate questions

     discussed during the     

     interviewing process.

4.  Understand the financial

     connections to hiring without

     following prior developed



5.  Learn how to identify Toxic



6.   Understand the difference

      between Leadership and




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At the Completion of this Lesson Participants will Be Able to:



1.  Recognize internal and external

       factors that influence the program

       and its goals by:


2.    Develop their program’s history,

        philosophy, goals, structure, and

        legal responsibilities.

3.     Describe applicable regulations, 

        including the rights of licensee.


4.      Discuss  the role of boards,

         advisory groups and host agencies.

         Discuss the role of a “community

         spirit” among staff, families,

         boards or advisory groups, and 



5.      Understand management

          philosophy through the use of:

          (A)  A clear mission statement.

          (B)  Clear objectives based on the                   program’s values

          (C)  Clear understanding of child-

                 care  needs in the community                    served.


6.   Recognize that management

      strategies should include effective

      use of time, short-term problem-

      solving, long-term planning, conflict

       resolution and other resources.


7.   Recognize  the importance of

       program evaluation and all of its



8.   Identify strategic-planning

      techniques designed to ensure long-

      term success of the program and its

       ability to adapt to changing



9.    Recognize program efficiency

       should include the use of


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Fee:  $75

Fee:  $75

Mrs Candace.JPG

Mrs. Candace Horne

Day Care Owner

Adel, GA

"Mrs. Alma came into my life just when I needed her the most.  After being the owner of Candy Cane's Daycare for 10 years (a Family Home Daycare),  with the help of Mrs. Alma,  I opened an additional center right across the street fromr my home daycare. 


When my center opened it was fully furnished with new equipment I received from a $ 68,000 grant  that was prepared  by Mrs.  Alma. 


Mrs. Alma left me with all the important tools needed to be a successful owner of two (2)  Childcare centers in my community.   

Both Candy Cane's Daycare and Candy Cane's Learning Center are 3 Star Quality Rated centers and I thank Mrs. Alma for providing my staff with all the training needed for us to accomplish this goal.  My family and I are very thankful for Mrs. Alma, and she is awesome at what she does. "