We Help You Stop Delinquent Paying and Skip-Out Parents at the Door!

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 Turn Your Collection Problems Into Cash


Finally, there's a consumer-reporting agency exclusively for childcare providers.   Now, you can legally report parents that consistently neglect to make their daycare payments or those you send to a childcare collection agency.


NICAcollect delivers exclusive support to the child care industry by providing childcare owners  and administrators the opportunity to report and verify delinquent, non-paying  and skip-out parents into a national database that is accessible administrators and reported to all three national credit bureaus.  


Administrators' access tNICAcollect    is secured with SSL certification.

How Does the NICAcollect Work?


NICAcollect provides child care administrators a tool to assist in identifying parents that skip from center to center  leaving delinquent or outstanding balances.  A secure on-line access is provided for reporting the current and delinquent payment histories of parents that have utilized their childcare services.


NICAcollect does not determine whether a prospective parent qualifies for their child's enrollment into any childcare center, or at what rate or scholarship benefits are to be applied.


NICAcollect collects and maintains a timely payment history of parents with other childcare facilities as reported by those centers. 

UNLIMITED Monthly Searches

NICAcollect will help you find out who is delinquent, jumping from daycare to daycare, leaving a trail of unpaid obligations.  We help you avoid costly losses by providing access to screen your prospective families AND give your existing families an added incentive to pay on time!

NICAcollect has teamed with  a national collection recovery agency to assist all members in getting delinquent fees collected.   Every year,  our collection agency produces results that are significantly higher than the industry average.  They have consistently out-performed competitors with whom they have had the opportunity to be directly compared to - both in head-to-head comparisons and by collecting on  many accounts that other agenices had previously worked but failed to resolve.