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NICA has a team of strategic consultants that are committed to assisting members  with issues or needs regarding their quest to open a new child care center/group home or support required to assist the center's management's team operate a more efficient and profitable center while ensuring maxiumum quality of services.   Your Membership fee  provides  the opportunity for your management leaders  to consult with experienced administrators when confronted with difficult decisions affecting the center's operations.

How Do I Use the Membership Hotline Services?

STEP 1: Call Our Office

Office hours are 9 AM -  5 PM (EST).  Monday - Friday.   Be prepared to give your Membership ID Number and to confirm and update current database membership information.  Our phone number is given in the enrollment package.

STEP 2: Case Assignment

An Administrative Clerk will request the nature of your need for consulting services and then assign a case number to your request.  Your case will be assigned to a consultant that specializes in the area of your need.  Your case will be logged and a consultant  will be assigned to  contact you within 24 hours, if not earlier.

STEP 3: Case Assistance

You will usually be contacted  within 1-2 hours depending on caseload but never later than 24 hours.  An experienced Child Care Administrator will contact you to discuss your issue.  You must have the assigned case number to confirm that the appropriate person is making the contact.  Your consultant will document your case, and depending on the nature of your needs, will provide assistance as needed.  However, if the nature of your call requires more research a call back time will be scheduled with you.  The goal is to provide you with information and tools to assist you in making the best and most informed decision for you and your center.

STEP 4: Case Resolution

Once your issue has been resolved, the consultant will formally closeout your case by forwarding a summary of the resolution to your via e-mail.  As a part of your membership you are entitled to unlimited phone calls with consultants.

STEP 5: Limitations

Consultants cannot give legal advice, or make visits to your center under the membership plan.  However, consultants can review up 10 pages of documents related to your business (i.e., handbooks, contracts, letters, unemployment documentation, and forms to make recommendations.