Toddler Taming Boot Camp  Challenge

This  training is designed for Child Care Providers and  Administrators.  Participants will learn how manage the raging uncertainty in the day of the toddler with calm  patience that defies logic.”
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When care providers understand the links between the social-emotional development and external factors (environment, health, abuse, illness etc.) they will become more competent and aware of the important part they play to effective and appropriately recognize and address challenging behaviors in the preschool setting.

All teachers should understand that they are not an island unto themselves.  The educational philosophy of the preschool  and the uniqueness of their schools should be the guiding force behind what takes place in the classroom.  The teacher’s ability effective recognize and address challenging behaviors that result in a positive learning experience for the child will promote lifelong positive behaviors for the child and community.

$ 65

 3 Credit Hours