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Let us get your business in the market place. NICA  will provide a custom 5 page designed High Quality Website for your child care center.  You are provided a website developed to their specifications.  


Our web designers work with you to create beautifully designed websites that are informative and appealing.  Each website is crafted to enhance the everyday performance of the childcare administrator. Our detailed knowledge of usability, interface design and online branding ensures that your new website will enhance your business prospects online while also decreasing the need of the Childcare Administrator to continuous reiterate important information.  Our websites are "GO TO" checkpoints for parents, students, staff and prospective clients.

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Complete the New Project Form


The foundation of any good e-commerce site is usability, customization, and reliability. At NICA, we go further. Our robust platforms, professional design aesthetics, and seamless backend development ensure the best custom e-commerce solution for your business.


Submit Required Information

You prepare your website material (logo, text for each page, keywords and photos) and forward via email to nica-national



Website Development

Your information will be used to create your new website within one week.  Your new website will be published to a temporary website address for you to review.


Website and Email Hosting Setup

Your new web hosting account will be setup for one year.  We will assist you in setting up your e-mail accounts.  


Site Launch

Upon completion of edits and testing, your new website will be launched to your new domain.



Home Page      -  welcome & introduction

About Us Page - your overview

Contact Us - phone, fax and email

Our Services - what you offer

Facility Tour - visit the facility

Tuition - charges explained

Locations - directions and hours

Events - important date reminders


Testimonials - from current clients

Links - internet links to informative sites

Newsletter - keep clients informed

FAQs - save time and effort for staff

Why Select Us? - considerations

Mission - mission statement

Employment - recruitment and openings

Current Events - monthly calendar events


Disclaimer - disclosures

Enrollment - join us today

Staff - employee information

Get Started - first steps

Awards - honors and awards

Meals - food offered

Special Offers - coupons and deals